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Since we started in 2018 the mission + vision has been the same. Create valuable and intentional opportunities for artists of color in Atl.

So we are asking for your support to uplift and change the lives of artist of color.

Space + Residency

Mural Project

Have a physical space for blk creatives in Atlanta to connect with one another, promote their work, and showcase new emerging talent in the city of Atlanta.


Having a  residency program creatives to have dedicated space and opportunity to showcase their work in the heart Atlanta.

The Primary wants to create impactful change in the city of Atlanta. by launching our murals to the city the primary can fund and provide opportunities to dozen of Atl artists, engage the community, beautify our local communities.


Our goal is to provide sustainable opportunites and unqiue experinces for creatives. the murals would depicts atl Culture  + local leaders, history, and southern culture.


Millineals love merchandise from a tote bag to a hoodie. we push our movement through fashion .


Our goal to continue to build experince for emerging artists through all forms visual to fashion. We want to create more collection with local artists.


We want to create partnerships with business + corporations that will assist in funding The Primary exhibits  + solo exhibition.


Our goal to continue to build experince for emerging artists to reach bigger audience and to gain collectors.

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