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The Divine Feminine 

a yearly exhibit that showcases self identify women

artists based on theme.

The Divine Feminine 2018

'18 - Self Care

The Divine Feminine 2019

'19 - Empowerment 

The Divine Feminine 2020

'20 - Title IX

The Melanin Pop Up Shop

a yearly pop up to celebrate blk creatives and small business.

The Melanin Pop up Show 2020

TPM Convos + Primaryhealing

a yearly pop up to celebrate blk creatives and black owned business. 

The Primary presents TPM Convos where creatives can hold space and conversations with emerging entrepreneurs, artists, and moguls in the making.

TPM Convo- Brando
TPM Healing Doddie and Lauren.png

The Primary Movement presents the Primary Healing, opportunities for creatives to engage with self care practices to align with their creative journey.

TPM Celebration

an annual pop up to celebrate the founding anniversary of

The Primary Movement.

TPM 2 Celebration

Peaches To The Polls

a voter block party to encourage youth to vote and make an impact in the local + general elections.

Peaches to the Poll
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